Macy’s employees!
Were you treated unfairly while employed?
If so, you may be owed money!

Did you ever:

Perform work-related tasks before you clocked in, and/or after you clocked out, for which you weren’t paid?
Miss or take late rest breaks because the store was too busy or no one could cover you?
Wait off-the-clock for a bag check, and/or wait for other employees to have their bags checked, before you could leave the store?
Miss, take late meal breaks, or have interrupted meal breaks because the store was too busy, or no one could cover you?
Have commissions you’d already earned improperly deducted from your paycheck?
Have to remain standing the entire shift even if you could perform your tasks while seated?
Have to wait more than three days after being fired or quitting to receive your final paycheck?

If so, your rights under the California Labor Code may have been violated, and you may be entitled to compensation from Macy’s! Complete this brief survey and if it appears that your rights were violated by Macy’s, you can join hundreds of other current and former Macy’s employees already pursuing their wage and hour claims in arbitration. Our firm currently has over 1600 clients with arbitration actions pending against Macy’s.

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